Prof. Dominique Moisi
Dominique Moisi is a Visiting Professor at Harvard University and the author of The Geopolitics of Emotion. Dominique Moisi is one of Europe's leading geo-strategic thinkers. A founder of the French Institute of International Affairs (IFRI), Moisi is uniquely positioned to conduct a lucid, ethical analysis while Europe reckons with its unique position: once the center of the world, now a major cultural and economic power. Can and must American power be balanced? Will Russia rise again? As Europe strives for a world in which justice and rights are more important than force, Moisi shares his wisdom and conviction through the Project Syndicate series, European Observer. [more]
Dr. Michael Sarris
Michael Sarris studied Economics at the London School of Economics and received his Doctorate in the United States. From 1972 to 1975 he worked at the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus. In 1975, Michael joined the World Bank. In the course of his career, his work covered a broad range of sectors in Africa, Latin America and East Asia. His duties included the design of overall country strategies, advice on policy issues for economic and social development, the elaboration of programmes for structural reforms and the development of economic policy dialogue, between the Bank and the national authorities of countries seeking World Bank assistance. [more]
Mr. Kenneth Wattret
KEN WATTRET, following his graduation, with honours, in Economics from the University of Sheffield in 1991, successfully completed a two-year graduate development programme with the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation. Ken has worked as a financial markets economist in the City of London since 1993, initially with HSBC Global Markets, before joining Paribas Capital Markets in 1996. [more]
Dr. Martin Stopford
Dr. Martin Stopford is a graduate of Oxford University and holds a PhD in International Economics from London University. During his 35 year career in the Maritime Industry he has held positions as Director of Business Development with British Shipbuilders, Global Shipping Economist with Chase Manhattan Bank N.A., and Chief Executive of Lloyds Maritime Information Services. Currently he is Managing Director of Clarkson Research and an executive director of Clarksons PLC. [more]
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